Stream or download :  “Portraits de voix”,  50′ radio art piece with Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart on Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Voices lead a life of their own beyond the people to whom they used to belong. Composer Alessandro Bosetti portrays four voices and explores the relationships between them.

Plane/Tale #31 #34 is out as a double LP on Holidays Records.
Plane Talea is a long lasting project and a voice archive containing thousands of fragments from 49 anonymous voices so far. And it’s still growing. Last iteration was a wonderful one in Merano in November where I could collect a few more voices. Each time I play the archive I find new things, and get a little deeper into the infinity of details that these voices have to offer.

3-4/09/2022 Paris, Festival des Traversées du Marais aux Archives nationales. « Une bouche qui s’ouvre et se referme ». An intervention in the installation « A soi-même » by Olivier Vadrot and Sebastien Roux in the french national archives.

20/09/2022 Strasbourg, Festival Musica «Journal de bord» music theater by Alessandro Bosetti. With Kenta Nagai – guitare électrique fretless, Carol Robinson – clarinettes, voix, Alexandre Babel – percussions.

27-30/09/2022 Lyon, ENSATT École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théatre, workshop in the context of the « Geste d’artiste » interventions.

15/10/2022 Opava, CZ, Pohyb Zvuk Prostor festival. Alessandro Bosetti, voicing of Zang pat phwut, a book designed by Gilbert Schneider, Karolina Pietrzyk and Tobias Wenig.

05/11/2022 Berlin, Festival Kontraklang, « Portraits de voix », music theater by Alessandro Bosetti. With Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart and Giovanni Donadini / Canedicoda. Production GMEM-cncm-Marseille, co-production Neue Vocalsolisten, Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil, La Soufflerie, Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

12/11/2022 Pistoia – Nub Project Space. Museo del Novecento e del Contemporaneo di Palazzo Fabroni. Alessandro Bosetti:  Plane / Talea.

14-17/11/2022 Marseille, Cipm Centre international de Poésie, « C’est bien … ça » sound writing workshop for the « Ecole(s) du Sud » network and the Cipm – International Poetry Center deconstructing « Pour un oui ou pour un non » (1981) by Nathalie Sarraute.

10/2022 – 05/2023 Marseille. Concerto per fatiche. Project with Alessandrio Bosetti and Musicatreize. Workshops: from October 2022 to May 2023. Performance: during the weekend des chœurs of the Southern Region, May 13 & 14 at the Salle Musicatreize.
With classes from the Montgrand and Marseilleveyre high schools, in partnership with PassCulture.

29/11/2022 – 04/12/2022 Brusio, Switzerland. Casa Besta. « Plane/Talea » (recordings of new communities and performance). Su iniziativa privata di Begoña Feijoo Fariña.

16-20/01/2023 Paris, NowHere – Sonic Protest  « Sound Mnemonics » workshop on sound memory curated by Sonic Protest / Paris 8 and the Haute école des arts du Rhin Mulhouse — Strasbourg.

© Alessandro Bosetti / 2022