Harmony Podcast #1 : "Machaut"

On the Serralves Periscope Series. The second episode of Periscope features the appearances of Alessandro Bosetti who tells us of sound intervals and 14th-century composer Guillaume de Machaut, Sara Manente with the words of Ottessa Moshfegh and David Toop with a reflection on improvisation and worms around a text by Jane Bennett.

Thèses/Voix with Chloe Despax and Antoine Chanteloup for L'Art de l'écoute

Feature show on the upcoming book Thèses/Voix with Chloe Despax and Antoine Chanteloup for « L’Art de l’écoute » on Radio Grenouille in Marseille. 1h, french language.

Je ne suis pas là pour parler

Je ne suis pas là pour parler on RTS (Swiss national radio) – Le Labo, atelier de création d’art radiophonique. Full piece, french language.

Je ne suis pas là pour parler

Je ne suis pas là pour parler in the Sélection Marmite radiophonique 2021 from the festival Longueur d’ondes. Full piece, french language.

Location Series

Full piece (all languages) followed by a conversation on Location Series by Chloe Sanchez and Daniel Deshays (french language). On an invitation by the Numéro Zéro festival in Forcalquier.

African Feedback

Complete piece on sonosphere.

Children's America

Imagine an America ruled by children. They staff the post offices, run the schools, oversee the military, and decide on the form of government. Full piece, english language. 2009 / Alessandro Bosetti / WDR Germany, Germany. With an interview by Delaney Hall.

Le parole dell'Eritrea

Series of five radio documentaries on the remnants of the Italian language in Eritrea. In italian language. Asmara – Massawa 2012, produced for Rai Radio 3, tresoldi.

Service de traduction

Short radio polyphonic meditation on Arte Radio. In french language.

Plane Talea

A full Plane/Talea set recorded at festival Densites in 2018 by Anne Montaron for France Musique followed by a solo voice set by amazing Agnes Hvizdalek.

Journal de bord

Radiophonic version of the piece in five miniatures, produced for France Musique. With Carol Robinson.

Alessandro Bosetti, la radio terrain de liberté

Interview with Thomas Baumgartner with live mask mirror set and other audio excerpts on France Culture. French language, 1h long.

Trophies : Alessandro Bosetti, le musicien parlant

A hour long feature with Trophies concert excerpts and interview on RTS, national Swiss radio. From 2012.

Je ne suis pas là pour parler

Complete radio piece on RTS webpage.

Vita Nova

Radio opera co-created with Sebastien Roux on Dante Alighieri 13th century novel. On France Culture webpage.

Guryong - Voice as trash

When Alessandro Bosetti first heard lady Bonosa speak, he fell in love with her language, the way she spoke, the pitch, the rhythm, the melodies within her words.
Listen to the complete piece on ABC radio website.


This section collects links where works that are disseminated on the internet and can be listened online. It is updated chaotically as new things come up or disappear from the net.


Complete piece on sonosphere.


Complete piece on sonosphere.

Il fiore della bocca

Complete piece on sonosphere.


Complete piece on sonoshpere.

African Feedback

Complete audio of the piece on radio art net bandcamp page.

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