Plane Talea #31-#34

April 2021. New double LP : Plane Talea #31-#34 release on Holidays Records. Voices from the Pane/Talea archive. Composed in Vicobarone and Venice at Xavier Veilhan’s Studio Venezia in 2017. Compositon, ondes martenot, piano, harpsichord, Cristal Baschet, organ, analog synthesiser : Alessandro Bosetti.

Sistema residency

14 – 20/06/2021 – Saint Nazaire FR. In residency at Athenor – cmcm Saint Nazaire with Anne Gillot, Gareth Davis, Vincent Lhermet, Charles Bascou and researchers from the Laboratoire de Mathématiques – Université de Nantes on the « pièces à pédale » (Pedal Pieces) project. Une proposition de Alessandro Bosetti en collaboration avec Athenor – cmcm Saint Nazaire, GMEA Centre National de Création Musicale Albi — Tarn, le Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray – Université de Nantes et Éole, studio de création musicale, Toulouse.


November – December 2020, New book : Alessandro Bosetti Thèses/Voix, Les presses du réel. (French edition). A collection of texts by Alessandro Bosetti, between theory, poetry and score, all of which breathe in concert with a series of sound projects and often focus on the voice from different angles and perspectives.


New on Revue & Corrigée magazine (issues #122 and #124) : Interviews with artists Lin Chiwei and Hong Kai Wang.