Plane/Tale #31 #34

Plane/Tale #31 #34 is out as a double LP on Holidays Records.
Plane Talea is a long lasting project and a voice archive containing thousands of fragments from 49 anonymous voices so far. And it’s still growing. Last iteration was a wonderful one in Merano in November where I could collect a few more voices. Each time I play the archive I find new things, and get a little deeper into the infinity of details that these voices have to offer.

Stream or download “Portraits de voix”, radio art piece with Neuevocalsolisten Stuttgart on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Stream or download :  “Portraits de voix”,  50′ radio art piece with Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart on Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Voices lead a life of their own beyond the people to whom they used to belong. Composer Alessandro Bosetti portrays four voices and explores the relationships between them.

Didone Kohlhaas

New LP : « Didone » on Kohlhaas Records. With Giulia Zaniboni, voice. Dan Kinzelman, tenor sax, flute. Luca Perciballi, electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Glauco Salvo, electric guitar, banjo. Simone Sferruzza, drums. Andrea Grillini, drums. Artwork by Ettore Tripodi.


November – December 2020, New book : Alessandro Bosetti Thèses/Voix, Les presses du réel. (French edition). A collection of texts by Alessandro Bosetti, between theory, poetry and score, all of which breathe in concert with a series of sound projects and often focus on the voice from different angles and perspectives.

Consensus Partium on RTS

Listen to « Consensus Partium », radio-oratorio co-written by Alessandro Bosetti and David Christoffel on RTS – Musique Aujourd’hui. With Alessandro Bosetti et David Christoffel, voice.
Déclic vocal trio – Valérie Philippin, Noémie Legendre, Frederike Borsarello
Maxime Morel, tuba et trombone, Matthias Champon, trumpet, Nicolas Chedmail, french horn.
A production of the Festival d’Automne à Paris, in collaboration with La Muse en circuit