Label : Kohlhaas

Title : Didone

Format : LP

Release date : March 2021

Total time : 44'26"

Giulia Zaniboni, voice
Dan Kinzelman, tenor sax, flute
Luca Perciballi, electric guitar and acoustic guitar
Glauco Salvo, electric guitar, banjo
Simone Sferruzza, drums
Andrea Grillini, drums

Didone feels, suffers, loves and lives an intense relationship with music. Dido grows and develops, travels and returns to her footsteps. Dido rejoices in the strange ability to incorporate memories belonging to other people. Dido is at the same time herself and someone elese and always seems to want to undo her own identity.
Dido is a composite being, a trans-individual born from the recombination of fragments taken from life accounts provided by six musicians during skype conversations in July 2019.
The gender desinences, which are expressed in a feminine way in this text – assuming that Dido is a woman – can actually be interpreted at will.
Six of the eighty-five fragments have been set to music. Another seventy-nine go to compose a combinatorial poem that is intended to suggest a broader version of Dido’s biography.
What is striking is that Dido’s life, as told in such a poem, could have gone in many – but not infinite – other ways, as the fragments seem to be clustered together in a limited number of permutations. Dido is a completely analogical being and has nothing to do with artificial intelligence. Dido is able to understand and provoke its own beginning, in other words to shape itself, but at the same time it is not able to solve some small problems that appear along the way.

Music and idea of Alessandro Bosetti

Recorded in Modena, Music Center between 18 and 22 September 2019.
Thanks and Riccardo La Foresta.

© Alessandro Bosetti / 2021