Trophies – Become Objects of Daily Use

Label : Monotype Rec.

Title : Trophies – Become Objects of Daily Use

Format : CD

Release date : 2011

Total time : 54'49"

Alessandro Bosetti – voice, electronics
Kenta Nagai – fretless guitar
Tony Buck – drums

Trophies, the main live project of Alessandro Bosetti with fretless guitarist Kenta Nagai and drummer Tony Buck is entirely dedicated to Bosetti’s loop compositions. Trophies’s music is based upon two simple principles : it is derived from speech and repeats stubbornly.
Melodies are crafted out of speech profiles of recordings of Bosetti’s emotional, often surreal or non-sequitur lyrics. Words are casted into everyday speech and subsequently transcribed and played as endless loops. Speech becomes song and the non-metric, irregular rhythms that it creates turn into powerful grooves and precise pulsations never lining up with any regular beat.
Trophies formed in 2009 when Bosetti was invited to be artist in residence at Teatro Fondamenta Nuove in Venice and to bring together his own ensemble. It since then performed in the US and Europe with Tony Buck and Kenta Nagai soon becoming irreplaceable portions of a three headed creature that is also Bosetti’s fast growing musical priority.

” … In an incomprehensible way – but seemingly driven by primal forces – the trio succeeds to hypnotize. The work is uncomfortable and complex, no comparison comes to mind. It is like the craving that is close to addiction. Yes, this music is thrilling, emotional and crushingly impressive.” Jan Willem Broek – Caleidoscoop

” … Working musicians, performers and artists who never takes understanding for granted … Bosetti’s trio shows us an unexpected way where both abstraction, absurdity and musical trance coexist. It’s like Alfred Jarry was reading the local newspaper and got stuck among print errors. ” Thomas Millroth – Sound of Music.

” … Riddled with humor and playfulness … It’s a sparkling coherent and precise album and makes for riveting listening as the changes are constant. They were on the ball during the recording; you need to be on the ball to listen.” Hassni Malik – Progress Report

“Irregular rhythm, abstract texts and electronics configure an amazing and irreverent proposal which doesn’t follow any musical trend.” Guillermo Escudero

“Alessandro Bosetti is “gloriously repeating” … Bosetti’s method – rapidly becoming a signature sound – is to map the musical profiles of spoken word, poetry, or his own non sequitur speech and transcribe the rhythms, pitch, and notes to be played and replayed as a continuous circle of sound”. Mark Corotto – All About Jazz

“If you’ve always enjoyed the muzzy feeling of bewilderment and wonder induced by the poetic genius of Mayo Thompson and his Red Krayola bands, this is the record for you.” Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector.

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