Labor CD - Labor Sonor / KuLe / Berlin (Compilation)

Label : Charhizma

Title : Labor CD - Labor Sonor / KuLe / Berlin (Compilation)

Format : 2x CD

Release date : 2004

this cd is an attempt to present a very lively part of the music scene in berlin. we«ve asked 21 artists – associated with one of berlins most interesting performance-spaces « kule » – to contribute a piece of work either for the audio or the video section on this cd. of course they where completely free to ask other artists to accompany them or rather present their solo-work. we hope that the result will give you at least a glimpse or a vague idea about what is going on in berlin 2003


Audio (red CD)

  1. Ohne Titel (4:32)
    Burkhard Beins: percussion
    Alessandro Bosetti: soprano saxophone
    Axel Dörner: trumpet, electronics
    Robin Hayward: tuba
    Michael Renkel: acoustic guitar
    Annette Krebs: electroacoustic guitar
    Andrea Neumann: inside-piano
    Ignaz Schick: electronics, amplified objects
    Recorded live at the Musique Action festival, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, May 19, 2002
  2. Fish in a Box (5:04)
    Andrea Ermke: sampler
  3. Spiel dir doch selber ein Lied (Arschloch) (5:32)
    Gregor Hotz: alto clarinet
    Rut Waldeyer: drums
    Recorded by Nicholas Bussman at KuLe, September 3, 2003
  4. Speech, for Connected Tuba and Phonograph (5:01)
    Robin Hayward: tuba, phonograph
  5. Sitting on a Desk (6:32)
    Asi Föcker: voice, guitar
    Tony Buck: voice, guitar, sampler
  6. Einfache Freuden (7:35)
    Kai Fagaschinski: clarinet (right)
    Michael Thieke: clarinet (left)
    Composed by Kai Fagaschinski and Michael Thieke (2003)
    Recorded by Michael Thieke at KuLe, July 31, 2003
  7. Cool Peace after Brown Thing (5:32)
    Merle Ehlers: drums
    Dave Bennett: guitar
    Antoine Chessex: saxophone
  8. Timeshaped Face (4:01)
    Margareth Kammerer: vocals, guitar
    Axel Dörner: trumpet
  9. Solo (3:39)
    Sabine Ercklentz: trumpet, computer
  10. Elfo (7:48)
    Alessandro Bosetti: soprano saxophone
    Recorded in August 2000
  11. 040803 (9:59)
    Serge Baghdassarians: guitar, mixing desk
    Boris Baltschun: sampling
    Burkhard Beins: percussion
  12. Santos Reis (3:55)
    Fernanda Farah: voice, guitar
    Christof Kurzmann: omnichord, G3

Video Cross Platform (green CD)

  1. T. Turner Live (1:42)
    Interview, April 3, 2003
    Documentation by Uli Ertl
  2. Te Amo (1:42)
    Music clip, 2003
    Written and produced by Werner Hirsch
    Camera: Uli Ertl
  3. What You See Is What You Get (2:30)
    Video, 2001 (short version)
    By Steffi Weismann
    Filmed in front of KuLe, Auguststrasse 10, Berlin-Mitte
  4. The 270 Seconds of My Life (2:31)
    Performance, 2002
    By Rut Waldeyer
  5. Saftmass (1:16)
    Video, 2003
    By Barbara Klinker
  6. Stricken Lassen (2:25)
    Video documentation, April 2002
    Sweatshop Orchester: Rashad Becker, Arne Hektor, Paul Paulun, Ines Schaber, Minze Tummescheit, Ute Waldhausen, Erik Wiegand, Rena Rädle, Stefan Pente, Antonia Baehr, Jochen Heilek
    Conducted by Natascha Sadr Haghighian
  7. Kollaborationen mit Unbekannten (3:17)
    Slide show, 1999-2002
    By Ella Ziegler
  8. Nadjeschda (1:45)
    Video, 2003
    By Trabi-Studio
    Pablo Juanes: soprano sax
    Ronald Schmidt: e-guitar
    Oleg Myrzak: the interpreter
    Adeline Rosenstein: the hostess
    Camera: Andree Korpys and Adeline Rosenstein
  9. Terminator III (2:17)
    Super 8 video, 1993/2000
    By István Scheibler
    Breitenbrunn Studios, Berlin
    Music by Nicholas Bussmann, Leonid Soybelman, Joe Williamson (« Normal » Lickmachine/BDNX)
    Produced by Studio Beige
  10. Labor Sonor Clip (4:37)
    Video documentation, 2000-2003
    Edited by Steffi Weismann
    Activities on stage: Olaf Rupp, Burkhard Beins, Steve Heather, Boris Baltschun, Gaeton Bulourde, Steffi Weismann, Roman Fehr, Mario Asef, Martin Brandlmayr, Nicholas Bussmann, Torsten Schlopsnies, Johanna Olausson, Rut Waldeyer, William Wheeler, Antonia Baehr
    Activities at the bar: popcorn with Nicholas Bussmann and Gregor Hotz (December 2000)

Compiled by Steffi Weismann and Christof Kurzmann
Postmastering by Nicholas Bussmann, September 2003
Cover and photos by Asi Föcker
Includes liner notes in English and German by Christof Kurzmann, Steffi Weismann, and Nicholas Bussmann

Released in October 2003

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