Playing with Words (Compilation, book edited by Cathy Lane)

Label : Gruenrekorder

Title : Playing with Words (Compilation, book edited by Cathy Lane)

Format : 2x CD, Book

Release date : 2008

Playing with words: The Spoken word in artistic practice (2008) edited by Cathy Lane emerged from her own compositional practice with spoken word. The book  is an anthology of works from over forty leading contemporary sound artists and composers who use words, particularly spoken words, as their material and inspiration.

Each invited contributor responded with a work for this edition, revealing a rich variety of artistic approach and exploration of the spoken and written word communicated through sound poetry, interviews, creative writing, visual-textual pieces and performance scores. Cathy interviewed  Laurie Anderson, Pamela Z, Trevor Wishart, Paul Lansky for the publication.

Contributors: Alessandro Bosetti, Ansuman Biswas, Barry Truax, Brandon LaBelle, Brown Sierra, Charlotte White, Clive Graham, David Toop, Dirk Huelstrunk, Ellen Moffat, Imogen Stidworthy, Iris Garrelfs, J Milo Taylor, Jaap Blonk, Joan La Barbara, Joerg Piringer, John Wynne, Julian Weaver, Katharine Norman, Larry Wendt, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Language Removal Services, Laurie Anderson, Leigh Landy, Michael Vincent, Nye Parry, Oliver Brown, Pamela Z, Paul Lansky, Salomé Voegelin, Sianed Jones, Sten Hanson, Sue Tompkins, Thomas Gardner, Tomomi Adachi, Trevor Wishart and Viv Corringham.

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