Islas Resonantes (Curated by Concha Jerez & José Iges)

Label : Gobierno De Canarias ‎– Septenio De Canarias

Title : Islas Resonantes (Curated by Concha Jerez & José Iges)

Format : 2 × CD, Album, Compilation, Book

Release date : 2009

The Canary Islands, Islas Canarias in Spanish, are an archipelago consisting of eight populated islands and located ca 100 km west of mainland North Africa. Concha Jerez and José Iges, Madrid-based radio artists, have initiated the project “Islas Resonantes – Resonant Islands”, for which they invited other artists to visit one island each and produce sonic explorations of them.
The project is well-documented with weblogs, fotos and sound files at and was furthermore published as a book including two CDs with the sound pieces.

Autores, obras, islas / Authors, Works, Islands
José Manuel Berenguer: Canto de piedra (La Palma)
Alessandro Bosetti: Campanas (La Gomera)
Michael Fahres : Una hora (El Hierro)
Concha Jerez– José Iges : Las Palmas, teatro de presencias y de ausentes (Gran Canaria)
Christina Kubisch: Crowded Deserts (Fuerteventura)
Guillermo Lorenzo: Nido de Estrellas Atlánticas (Lanzarote)
Agnieszka Waligorska-Pekka Sirèn: Achinech (Tenerife)



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