La Macchina che moltiplica A per 3

Label : Fringes

Title : La Macchina che moltiplica A per 3

Format : CD

Release date : 2000

Total time : 39'47"

Alessandro Bosetti, soprano saxophone, sampling, re-composing; Antonello Cassinotti, voice, acting; Renato Rinaldi, amplified objects, strings, devices, sampling; Filippo Monico, drums, objects.

Based on texts of the italian poet Corrado Costa.

Third record as leader of Alessandro Bosetti that marks a clear change from the previous two titles, « Re D’ottavi » and « Melgun ». While continuing to use the actor’s voice of Antonello Cassinotti, Bosetti makes extensive use of samples and incorporates for the first time documentary vocal fragments.
« La Macchina che moltiplica A per 3 » revolves around the work and figure of the Italian avant-garde poet Corrado Costa (1929 – 1991) whom Bosetti had never met and on whose tracks he undertakes a field research meeting and recording his friends and associantes while elaborating Costa’s texts in the process.
In this work the influence of Steve Lacy on the soprano sax recedes, leaving room for a more textural and abstract work on the instrument. The music is organized along more radical/reductionist improvisation lines, allowing an organic and complex interaction between word and music.
The heart of the album is a suite of lyrics from « Le Nostre Posizioni », a rare opportunity to hear the soprano voice-sax bare duo Bosetti-Cassinotti who was very active at the time.
All the other titles feature Renato Rinaldi on amplified objects and sampling and; Filippo Monico on drums.
The last track « Leda Prova Col Pavone » is a remix of a group improvisation by Giuseppe Ielasi.

Recorded in summer 1999 in Monza.
Front cover (reproduced above) drawing by Corrado Costa.

This is a limited edition of 400 CDs.

Tracklist :
1 Uno Si Indica All’altro 2:59
2 Canta Una Ninna Nanna Secondo Lo Stile Arapahos 3:50
3 Costabolario 4:20
4a Come Al Solito
4b Come Se Non Lo Sapessero
4c A > A
4d Delle Indicazioni Per Il Ritorno
4e Come Al Solitro
4f Collocazione Dei Nomi
4g La Costruzione Della Trappola
4h Alzare Le Gru Ad Alta Voce
4i Delle Indicazioni Per Il Ritorno
5 L’innesto 3:58
6 L’asportazione Delle Piume Dall’aria Con I Denti 6:12
7 Leda Prova Col Pavone 6:29
8 Appena Fuori Dal Complemento Di Tempo 3:28

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