Plane / Talea #31 - #34

Label : Holidays

Title : Plane / Talea #31 - #34

Format : Double LP

Release date : 28/01/2022

Plane Talea #31 20’00
Plane Talea #32 19’40
Plane Talea #33  17’34
Plane Talea #34 22’52

Two new facets of the growing Plane Talea universe in a new double LP announced on Holidays Records.
In the music of the first LP (Plane Talea #31 – #32) – created in summer 2017 – fragments from the voice archive are matched and synchronized with analog synthesizer in long meditative tracks. Anonymous voices are pushed at the border of complete abstraction and the musical focus converges towards microscopic details, isolated and then magnified into sprawling textures.
The music on then second LP (Plane Talea #33 – #34) originates from a residency in Xavier Veilhan’s Studio Venezia, at the French Pavillon at the Venice Art Biennale in te fall 2017. The recording studio, a dazzling artwork in itself by Xavier Veilhan, was used as a stage to perform and record Plane Talea improvisation featuring the voice archive in dialogue with the extravagant instrumentarium of the studio – including Cristal Baschet, Ondes Martenot, harpsichord, grand piano and Buchla synth among other instruments. It also simultaneously served as a mean to gather many new additions to the voice archive by asking to the numerous Biennale visitors to take part into individual recording sessions and impromptu choirs.
Plane Talea is a growing voice archive, it includes dozen of anonymous voices that have been recorded in close miked and dry sounding radiophonic environments and have been manually reorganized into hundreds of tiny and a-semantic fragments.
The archive is activated at each new performance and played as a musical instrument or a virtual choir through proliferation and recombination of the voice fragments. Voice fragments and utterances, however, are never processed electronically. To this day there have been three dozens of activations of the archive which still bares plenty of surprises and mysteries and to which new voices are slowly but constantly added.

Plane Talea #31 ( 20’00 » )

Plane Talea #32 ( 19’40 » )

Composed in Vicobarone IT, August 2017.

Voices from the Plane/Talea archive.

Compositon, analog synthesiser: Alessandro Bosetti.

Thanks to Mario Gallotti, Fatima Bianchi.

Photo: © Alessandro Bosetti.

Plane Talea #33  (17’34 »)

Plane Talea #34 (22’52 »)

Composed in Venice at Xavier Veilhan’s Studio Venezia, at the French Pavillon at the Venice Art Biennale 2017 and in Marseille, September 2017 – June 2018.

Voices from the Plane/Talea archive and volunteering visitors and choirs at the French Pavillon at the Venice Art Biennale 2017.

Compositon, ondes martenot, piano, harpsichord, Cristal Baschet, organ, analog synthesiser: Alessandro Bosetti.

Thanks to Xavier Veilhan, Enrico Bettinello, Thibaut Javoy, Fatima Bianchi.

Photo : Studio Venezia (2017)

Xavier Veilhan

French Pavilion, Biennale di Venezia

© Veilhan / ADAGP, Paris, 2018

Texts excerpts from : Alessandro Bosetti, Thèses/Voix, Les presses du réel, 2020

© Alessandro Bosetti / 2024