Label : Erosha

Title : Melgun

Format : CD

Release date : 1998

Total time : 51'19"

Alessandro Bosetti – soprano saxophone,
Antonello Cassinotti – voice,
Giancarlo Locatelli – clarinets,
Achille Succi – allto sax, bass clarinet,
Adele Madau – violin,
Marianna Finarelli – violoncello,
Tito Managialajo Rantzer – doublebass,
Filippo Monico- drums.

Alessandro Bosetti’s second album as bandleader, and his first exploration of the musicality of the spoken language, through an intense collaboration with actor and voice artist Antonello Cassinotti, who is also his stage partner in a long series of duo performances (soprano sax – voice) in the same period.
The ensemble is wider and the writing more ambitious than the previous record « Re D’Ottavi ». Both aspects give life to a concept album built around Bosetti’s texts in a semi-invented avant-garde language.
Signature two bass clarinets plus strings sound – featuring Giancarlo Locatelli and Achille Succi – anticipate future collaborations with the likes of Carol, Robinson and Gareth Davis over two decades later.
Musical influences spans from Steve Lacy centered modern jazz to post minimalism chamber music while the literary imprint is still very present through foundational readings such as Giorgio Manganelli, Giovanni Testori, Carlo Emilio Gadda merging with the authors of the post-gruppo 63 Italian literary avant-garde.
The cover art, expressly inspired by the lyrics of the album, was created by the artist and actor Antonio Catalano.

« Omotopo Di Tipolito » 1:26
« Panzo Sfraccatavoli Stette… »
« Buon Pro Ti Faccia… » 1:57
« De Legn!… » 4:30
« Sushi – Pensiero » 6:52
« Pugnanza » 7:45
« San Lorenzo » 7:44
« L’era Lee, Sì Sì » 4:44
« Luce – Rasoio » 0:35
« … » 4:43
« Tigre, Leone, Pantera… » 6:03

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