Acqua sfocata, utilità del fuoco ed altre risposte concentriche (performance)

Durational performance for vocal ensemble


Catalogue number : 54

In this durational performance volunteers of very diverse backgrounds are invited to enact a linguistic sculpture that is constructed by a set of almost geometrical rules, which organize, modulate, and musically morph a seemingly casual and unprompted conversation. A prompter proposes models of interactions, break symmetries and playing with the ambiguity between speech and sound. Over a duration of five hours the participants find themselves inhabiting a simulated geography and polyphony of relations, free of using language as they please, and to talk about whatever they like within an alternative universe as if logical and physical laws regulating language. Spectators may find themselves observing casual and seemingly irrelevant conversations subtly develop into clusters of abstract vocals and absolutely normal exchanges, reformulating their logical coherence over and over.

Duration: 5 hours.


In a time when community values are in danger, language itself becomes a fragile receptor of change. The way we speak to each other in daily interactions at home, at work, in the city, where we live or while travelling becomes a subtle mirror of what is silently at work in our communities. Sometimes parts of language escapes from us, while at other times we have to run away from it and find shelter whiting new meanings and expressions. We too often think of language as a perfect machine, a finite and unchanging set of rules, bound to apply over and over and forget its hybrid and composite nature, its capability of adjusting to new situations, absorbing new elements and proposing new models for cohabitation. Language is always koine – a community and multiplicity of languages – and it exists only as far as someone alive is speaking or thinking it.


#1 Milano 8 July 2013, Spazio ‘O :
Alessandro Bosetti, Martina Scienza, Patrizia Oliva, Marco Secondin, Alessandra Tempesti, Alessandro Cevasco, Alberto Prezzati, Marianna Venticinque, Gianmaria di Pasquale, Bruno Kleinefeld, Mary Zurigo

#2 Milano, Summer 2013 Spazio ‘O (film shooting):
Alice Bescapè, Gianmaria di Pasquale, Bruno Kleinefeld, Patrizia Oliva, Martina Scienza, Marco Secondin, Alessandra Tempesti, Marianna VEnticinque, Mary Zurigo

#3 Milano, 9 Novembre 2015, Danae Festival :
Alessandro Bosetti, Marco Secondin, Alice Bescapè, Martina Scienza, Gilda Manfring, Emanuele Lombardini, Stefania Visentin, Stefano Giust, Gianmaria di Pasquale, Urashima Cristiano Renzoni, Andrea Primignani, Fatima Bianchi

#4 Padova, 25 October 2015, Centro d’arte, Sala dei Giganti:
Matilde Amatucci, Laura Balbinot, Alice Bescapé, Fabritia D’Intino, Anna Garbo, Daniel Kinzelman, Emanuele Lombardini, Gilda Manfring, Gian Maria Di Pasquale, Chiara Nuzzi, Patrizia Oliva, Margherita Pirotto, Aisha Ruggieri, Martina Scienza, Marco Secondin

#5 Berlin, 10 January 2017, Akademie der Künste (Blurring Waters, Burning Needs):
María Ferrara, Stella Luncke, Josef Schafer, Tomomi Adachi, William Bilwa Costa, Ivan Babinchak Renqvist, Petra Ronner, Martha Hennersdorf, Ana-Marija Cvitic, Marc Bredemeier

#6 Porto, 10 September 2017, Serralves contemporary art museum :
Marcos Cruz, Marta Fonseca, Luís Baptista, Diana Combo, Alexandre Lemos, Ana Guimbra, Maria do Carmo (Micho), Pedro Fortuna, Patrícia Timóteo, João Terras, André da Fonseca, Cristina Braga.

#7 Taipei, 8 october 2017, Taipei Poetry Festival:
孔慶珩 (Kong, Ching-Heng), 林念潔 (Yvonne Lin), 趙冠盈 (Kuan-Ying, Chao AKA Camera), 慈馨 (Hsin Tzu), 周經倫 (Ching-Lun,Chou), 葉濰毅(Yeh Wei Yi), 黃珮瑜
(Pei-Yu Huang), 梁家豪 (Chia-Hao Liang), 林季鋼 (Macaca SAPIENS), Ena Chang.

#8 Besançon, 13 décembre 2018, Frac Franche-Comté :
Nicole Bolard-Moulin, Philippe Mandroyan, Tea Pršir, Agnès Marcelli Ratte, Chloé Truchon, Lea Dhordain, Jade Berto, Emie Bouillé, Oscar Nicod , Marc Batifouyé , Jasmine Michon, Marie Follea, Laureline Loyez, Valery Merlano, Dylan Leemans.

Premiered in Milano, Spazio O’, July 2013.

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