Composition, electro-acoustic


Catalogue number : 28

An exploration of the acoustic and resonant spaces of the island of Gomera in the Canary arcipelago, six year after the composition of The Whistling Republic, based on the original whistled language El Silbo.
I decided to bring raw sounds from that piece and to position them again inside the landscape. For a several days I walked all over the island looking for acoustically interesting spots and re-playing many sounds from my previous work that I re-recorded in this new acoustic setting.
We need to put something inside and acoustic space to perceive it. If we are transported in a pitch black space it would be enough to clap our hands to get a rough idea of the size, shape, materials of construction of the room we are or if we are in an open air location.
By the making of “Campanas” I was aware of those possibilities while experiencing the somehow exhilarating moment of re-staging the life of a preexisted, then transformed and re-imagined sound into it’s original environment.


Idea, composition and production : Alessandro Bosetti
A commision by Septenio de Canarias for the Islas Resonantes project, 2008
Executive prduducers : Concha Jerez & José Iges.

Recordings on location in La Gomera, Canary Islands, 2002.

Thanks to Martin Pardon, Manuel Padron, Gregory Auger, Lino Rodrigues, Isidro Ortiz.


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