Composition - installation


Catalogue number : 21

Based on a series of 33 musical ideas written, printed, framed and “exposed” in a recent installation in Milan, Exposè is the first of a new cycle of opus as well as the result of Alessandro Bosetti‚s fascination with speech loops. The mesmerizing voice of Audrey Chen, endlessy repeating the same sentence over the entire duration of each piece, is full of musical nuances, and it invites to and rewards close listening. The result is a moving and totally enchanting listening experience, that takes the listener in an ecstatic and surreal sonic space. “Exposé” brilliantly sustains an air of uneasy calm: misty, microtonal electronics, instrumental layers arranged and recorded in extremely precise fashion, slightly shifting speech-derived rhythmical patterns, provide a subtle, low-key backdrop to the vocal parts, perhaps suggesting the option of adopting an ambient-like hearing strategy: listening closely on headphones heightens the work’s strangely compelling blend of the surreal and hypnotic.

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