Sound performance


Catalogue number : 84

Photo © Fatima Bianchi

L’Ombra (The shadow) is a sound performance commissioned for Oplà. Performing Activities at Bologna Art Fair: a poetic reportage drawing on an expanding sound archive. Microphone in hand, Alessandro Bosetti collects and renders a body of vocal fragments recorded by moving among the fleeting mass of voices that populate the Fair for three days: visitors, exhibitors, technicians, artists. Bosetti creates a shadow sound for each collected fragment and then sneaks into the programme with short vocal and performative renderings. In these brief monologues, placed in the interstices and intervals of the Arte Fiera Talks programme, the artist’s voice mingles with the recorded voices in a series of surreal spoken rings, like a drawing of a polyphonic and idiosyncratic map. Questions and answers create shadows for one another, and the artist, whose intangible work is based on the musicality of language and of the voice, seeks reports on shadows in a place where they really shouldn’t exist.

Curated by Silvia Fanti.



Arte Fiera Bologna

Sound performances Bologna Art Fair/ Oplà. Performing Activites in Flash Art Talk programme:
fri 24 – live #1 1 PM – live #2 3.45 PM – live #3 6.30 PM
sat 25 – live #4 1.30 PM – live #5 3.30 PM – live #6 6 PM
sun 26 – live #7 12.15 PM – live #8 1.50 PM – live #9 3.30 PM

Alessandro Bosetti
fri 24, sat 25, sun 26 Jan 2020
concept, performance, composition Alessandro Bosetti
sound assistance Tobia Bandini, Pasquale Savignano
production Arte Fiera
curated and organized by Xing for Oplà. Performing Activities programme

© Alessandro Bosetti / 2024