Everyday Objects

Radio art


Catalogue number : 6

The idea for this piece came out of reflections on Mario Perniola’s book “The sex appeal of the inorganic”. Words are taken from recorded inteviews with Chiyoko Szlavnics, Thomas Ankesmit and Derek Shirley.  What they meant during the interviews may have changed radically.  I’m grateful anyway for their infinite charm. Do objects have feelings ?


Pubblications history : CD release as « Element » by La Muse en Circuit.


Awarded the « Hoerspiel» prize of La Muse en Circuit 2002.

CD release as « Element » by La Muse en Circuit.

Elément : Hörspiele V

Pascal Ayerbe, Elément Air(e)

Elsa Justel, L’

Alessandro Bosetti, Everyday Objects

Patrick Dubost, Le tableau de Mendeleiev

Elainie Lillios, Speaking… again

Tomonari Higaki, Arbre de silence

Guillaume Beauron & Olivier Capparos, Liber


SACEM & La Muse en Circuit

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