J’ai attendu que l’homme à la grue soit la

Collaboration with choreographer Georges Appaix.


Catalogue number : 64

Making it’s debut on may 5th at La Crièe, national Theatre in Marseille as part of the Les Musiques festival is the first step on an ongoing collaborative project between choreographer Georges Appaix and composer Alessandro Bosetti with the participation of the dancer Severine Bauvais.
A conversation in sound and movement between two men and a woman of different ages interested in grammar, words, music, dance, questions and answers.
A six channel interactive sound dispositive, breaks down the original Mask Mirror set up to a geometrical prism made of switches, tables, chairs and loudspeakers. A collaborative original creation swinging somewhere between Gene Kelly, Alvin Lucier and Guy de COintet this is still very much a purely Bosetti-Appaix gem.



Coproduction Compagnie La Liseuse / gmem-CNCM-marseille / Klap – maison pour la danse à Marseille
Commande musicale du gmem-CNCM-marseille à Alessandro Bosetti
Musical assistance:  Charles Bascou
with Alessandro Bosetti, Georges Appaix, Severine Bauvais.

© Alessandro Bosetti / 2024