Renard 2

For piano, bass clarinet, duble bass, flute, electric guitar, synthesizer, live video and object divinator.



Catalogue number : 78

An object divinator sits at a small table at the centre of the room. The ensemble (piano, bass clarinet, duble bass, flute+el, electric guitar, electronics) sits in a circle around the table facing outwards. Audience is seated all around the ensemble.
The object divinator invites one guest fron the audience at a time to sit with him/her at the table and ask one question about any subject he wishes to address.
The object divinator throw a handful of small symbolic objects on the table and gives an answer based on each new object configuration.
The answer may be sung if the the object divinator wishes so.
Although object divinator, guest and objects are visible by the audience the conversation between host and guest is not hearable and thus remains secret.
A camera postioned horizontally ove the table capture each new configurations of ob- jects which is projected on screens visible by both audience and musicians.
The piece has a variable duration and is composed by a number of miniature of variable durations between 3 to 5 minutes. The arrival of each new guest triggers a new minia- ture’s start.


MAZE Festival 18 – 20 June 2018 Splendor Amsterdam

Written for MAZE ensemble.



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